You Can Win By Shiv Khera (Book Review)

You Can Win By Shiv Khera

You Can Win is an awe-inspiring book. it never ceases to amaze! Shiv Khera lives up to the book. It has a lot of short stories and many motivational quotes. The one which became the most famous from the book, which is perhaps on the cover of the book says “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”


I completely fell in love with You Can Win By Shiv Khera book. It also has a story which is very dear to my heart. A kid used to play football. He didn’t used to like it that much. but he still played. He played it like his routine, without much enthusiasm. Then one fine day, he was told to go out of the team . then that day, he requested to coach to let him play. He begged him. Coach saw something in his eyes. so he let him play. That day he was like a house on fire. the coach was quite shocked asked him

“You play poorly, how come you were so good today and you made your team win ?”

The boy replied “
Sir, I play this game for my dad. he used to watch me play from somewhere there in the stadium. my dad passed away a few days back. I dedicate this match to him . he s watching me from above, blessing me .”





Such and many more moving stories are mentioned in the book. another quote from the book, which I truly love is

“history has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. they won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats. ”

The book is full of examples of famous people who have made it big in their lives in spite of hardships. Its written in an inspiring and self-help way. the book makes us get up, go and work towards our goal.



You Can Win mentions …below are examples of failures of successful people

Thomas Edison failed approximately 10000 times while he was working on the light bulb.

Henry Ford was broke at the age of 40

Young Beethoven was told that he had no talent for music, but he gave some of the best music to the world.


So, in the end, I can say, You Can Win will work best for those of you who are looking for a bit of pep of mood. It has contents like what’s holding you back, success, work etc.

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So, go and grab your copy of this book and enjoy!


You can buy the book here

You Can Win: A step by step tool for top achievers


Till the next time, Stay Blessed….




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