Top 5 Gifts for this Diwali

So Guys , Diwali is just round the corner . Diwali is a Festival of Lights . Its full of Celebration and Fun . No Doubt , Diwali is my Favorite Festival. I love to Celebrate Diwali because we get to Decorate our houses ,make  Rangoli , eat Sweets and buy lot of Gifts . Diwali calls for family time and togetherness . I simply love Decorating Diyas . What I do is , I buy simple Diyas and I paint them . This is my favorite Diwali activity . So, here are top 5 Diwali Gifts which you can gift to your loved ones. Yes these are a list of PR kits that I had received .  So I compiled it into my Top 5 Diwali Gifts .








1. Ferry Lights-

Decorating Homes with Ferry lights is the most basic and cheapest way of Decorating Homes.  It simply amps up your space and gives it a Glowing look. Ferry lights look Beautiful when Lighted. It looks beautiful in the dark . That is during Diwali evening . You can find some cute Ferry Lights on Amazon . and make your Diwali Pretty . We can also gift them to our loved ones.







2.  A box of Chocolates –

Its time to ditch the sweets , because you buy it always . And Gift a box of Chocolates to your special someone. I tried these box of 4 chocolates by Keto . you can find it on Amazon.


Its a collection of dark, sugar free Chocolates . These come in 4 flavors . That is Hazelnut , Roasted Almonds , Pecan and Brazil Nuts and ….they are made with 60% Cacao .






3.  Diya’s set or your own DIY Diya’s –

What you can do is , buy a set of well Decorated Diya’s . They come in different variety and colors . Diya’s make your house look Beautiful and adds that grace to it. What is Diwali without Diyas…?

You can find pretty Diyas from Amazon .also you can DIY your own Diya’s , is what I also like to do






You can buy plain or designer Diya’s from the Market and paint them in pretty colors or use lace and glitter to decorate it . Be  Creative with it ..Enjoy .



Above I painted set of 12 Diya’s in different DIY looks . You can also  check them out in my reels video on my Instagram .





4. Air pods or Bass buds-

You can simply gift Airpods or Bassbuds for the technical Peeps. This is slightly expensive option. I received Ptron Bassbuds by Amazon . You can get any of them from amazon.



They fit well in your ears and You can Enjoy cool Music. They work with Bluetooth . They work well for those last minute trips .



5.  A box of Cookies or gift packs-



You can try Gifting a box of Cookies . I got mine from Delicz Cute Cookies . You can find them on Amazon . They are quite an Affordable Option.  In this  you get 11 packets of Cookies made by milk and jaggery . These are light sweetened cookies . And they taste Yum . Or you can also gift those customized expensive gift packs and add cookies, sweets , chocolates , flowers , brownies and so on ….




So, Guys I hope I was able to make your Diwali a tad-bit Better . When you can gift these to your Family . and also gift it to Yourself ! Wishing all of you guys a very Happy Diwali. Enjoy ..



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Till I see you next, tc ..Guys


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