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I must say I became a fan of The Body Shop after purchasing the strawberry body butter. The body shop is a premium brand dealing in beauty, bath and body products ! Its chic, classy and original . the products may be a bit high on price, but for sure they are long-lasting and very good for everyday use.

I recently got the body shop strawberry body butter. Its rich, creamy and sweet in texture. What I like the most about it is its cool, breezy strawberry fragrance. It’s the perfect combination of cream, moisturizer and bb cream. All in one ! the quality is exactly as mentioned.


The circular packing is travel-friendly and it won’t spill during the opening as it has a cover. The moisturizer is a mix of pink and white tint which moisturizes well in the face and body. It can be used both for face and body ie as a body lotion as well. Even applying a small amount is quite enough. It even has SPF in it ! it would go best under makeup or used at home during the daytime.


The body shop
The body shop

Pro s of the body shop strawberry body butter
1. It is creamy in texture
2.Keeps the skin hydrated for a long time
3. It even has SPF
4. Good for both oily and dry skin
5. High quality
6. Fragrance
Cons of the body shop strawberry body butter
1. It’s a bit high on price

Will I repurchase it? yes, of course

My recommendations …





The body shop strawberry body butter is a perfect combination of SPF, moisturizer and cream. I would love to use it again. It keeps my skin fresh, hydrated and creamy throughout the day. You would love to use this product, especially during winters.

So, my lovely girls. Stay happy, healthy and glowing! till next time….

You can buy the product here

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The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, 200ml

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