Tantra Tshirt -Review

So Guys ..Christmas is almost here …

I know you all must have begun your Christmas Shopping ..

Your Home must be Lit, full of Décor stuff . So why not Shop your Heart out and Shop for Tee s to look your Best !

So I have some Super Cool Tee’s for you by Tantra. These are Colorful Tee s for both Guys and Girls . That is Unisex Tee s . They are available in Different colors and designs.  The Best part ? They are full of different Quotes . saying something or the other . I  am always a fan of Quotes . Be it Quotes Posters , Quotes Mugs or Quotes Tee s. I am a sucker for Quotes.  I remember always buying Quotes posters for CP in Delhi . I just love them !





So I got myself a Super Cool Tee by Tantra . Its a black color Tee.  Its a Bob Marley T shirt . It has a beautiful Quote on it . It says …

“Bob tells me not to worry . I am not gonna .”


It keeps me Positive . The Quote is quite colorful . Its a 100 % cotton Tee . Its made in India. You can wash it separately . And do not iron . Its quite appealing to look at . I feel quite comfy in it . It would work well for Casual day Look . You can also wear it in your home. or step out as well . It looks pretty Chill. The fabric is also quite good .





Now you can Shop for Tantra Tee s Online . Wow so Cool!

You can Shop at http://d-tantrabyfashstop.dotpe.in

You not only get Tees but also shorts and Masks… Prices start from as Low as 499..

or you can visit their store at CR 2 Mall in Mumbai .

So Guys What are you waiting for ?

Go and Shop your Heart out ..Enjoy ..





So Guys  That’s it for my little Review …

Tc of yourself Guys in this Chilly Winters and Have a Happy Jolly Christmas…


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