Night Cream by the Indus Valley – Review

Night Creams play an important part in the overall look and feel of the skin. Night Creams add that extra oomph to your skin. Night Creams come for all types of skin. From oily to dry to combination skin. Night creams have to be used obviously ar night just before sleeping. The results are not quick but it definitely helps in the long run. They keep the skin acne free, wrinkle-free and also moisturizes the skin.


A good night cream fights the radicles while we sleep and helps reverse the damage of the entire day’s stress, pollution, skin aging, sun exposure, etc do to our skin. You should apply night cream after your regular cleaning, toning and moisturizing (CTM) routine for best results.


Well, I have tried a lot of night creams and I came down to this one. It’s the best I have used so far. Its the Indus Valley Organic Ayurveda Retexturing Night Cream. And I am going to Review it…






The Indus Valley Organic Night Cream is 100 % natural and organic. It gives a cooling texture to your skin. It has healing properties as it is Ayurvedic in form. It is very light and it penetrates to your skin. It’s white in color. I must say I am addicted to its sweet fragrance. The safe ingredients sourced directly from nature replenish your facial skin with nourishment and repair the damaged caused by sunlight. Its made by Mysore Sandalwood and Kokum Butter.    It moisturizes your skin and keeps it fresh and soft. I also like the golden packaging. You have to apply the Indus Valley Organic Ayurveda Night Cream to clean and dry skin on all over your face. Massage it gently untill its absorbed.


PRO s of Indus Valley Organic Night Cream-

1, Its a natural product so no side effects.

2. Its ayurvedic in form

3. It keeps skin acne free and wrinkles free

4. It moisturizes the skin

5. It feels cool on the skin

6. Love the fragrance

7. Less on price. It costs rs 250

8. Works on all kinds of skin


Cons of Indus Valley Organic Night Cream

  1. It heals the skin but takes some time.


Price rs 250





Do I recommend Buying it ? Yes I do.


I hope You liked my little Review. I am totaling loving The Indus Valley Organic Night Cream. It keeps my skin soft, fresh and lively ! Go find it on Amazon …


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