Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil


Guys and Girls, I have not been a Fan of usage of Hair Oils . But I do Love Hair specially Long Hair. I feel Hair is a kind of an element to Beauty. Good Hair can surely make Heads Turn. I love Girls with Long , Black and Straight Hair. Straight Hair is ‘In Fashion’ these days . It immediately Pops-Up one s Look . I just realized in order to maintain Long, Healthy Hair. Oiling is a very important part of one s Hair Ritual . So, I recently came across Nature Sure s Thumba Wonder Hair Oil




Thumba is another name for Bitter Apple. Its a desert fruit which is said to have many Clinical and Scientific Benefits . It doubles the Growth of Hair if we apply it regularly. Who doesn’t want long hair?  I mean . I have tried a ton of things for hair growth. The Nature Sure Thumba Hair Oil is a Miracle Oil which contains many useful ingredients like Bhringraj, Sesame oil and Mustard oil . All these are really good for scalp  Hair Growth. The product comes in a green bottle with a flip flop cover. Its a really light weight oil.



Directions for Use

Gently Massage Oil for at-least  15 minutes and allow it to seep into the roots of Hair. Then rinse it with a chemical-free shampoo.




Availability-The Thumba oil is available on Flipkart , Amazon and Nature Sure website as well.

Nature Sure Website Link-









  1. Boosts Hair Growth
  2. Prevent Greying and Hairfall
  3. Increase Hair count and Length
  4. Ayurvedic and Natural product
  5. Easy to use
  6. Travel Friendly
  7. ISO Certified
  8. Affordable



It requires frequent Hair Care




My Review


I have alot of Hair Greying Problems since my  Childhood. Its has not gone so far . But yes it has definitely reduced. as I said I Love Long Hair. It has also Helped in my Hair Growth but it has to be used regularly . Its a Natural product so its quite safe for my Hair. I also have dandruff issues. That part will take time. I would recommend this Thumba Wonder Hair Oil for people looking for Hair Growth. I use it twice a week .





So, Girls that s it for my Little Hair Oil Review..

I know I have Reviewed Oil again on my Blog cause I am kind of Impressed by the product .

Do I Recommend the Oil-

Yes I do …Go Try It ….


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