Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets Review

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When it comes to our Skin , Hair , Health and Beauty. We always prefer Natural Products. That is Products made out of Nature. We also try alot of Home Remedies but due to the lack of Time we tend to skip on it. Its so because Home Remedies take lot of time and efforts.So i came across this All-in-One product which can replace all  our Home Remedies and is really Good for our Health. These are Natural Tablets which are chemical free . They are called Kalonji Black Seed Tablets by Nature Sure.



Price -395 for 90 tablets


Avaliability-Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal and Nature Sure Website as well which is below-
Nature Sure™ Premium Kalonji Blackseed Tablets for Men and Women – 90 Tablets



What the Product Claims-

Made with Top-Grade Natural Ingredients. The Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets are Nature’s Blessing to Life. Now this Black Seed is also known as Nigella Sativa. By using it daily, it Boosts Immunity, gives Stamina and Energy. It also regulates Blood Pressure.. It also Helps in Managing Diabetes. It also helps in Sleeping Disorders. So its all-in-one product. Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets is Approved by FSSAI and is made with pure Ingredients which are at GMP and ISO Certified.






How to Use-

Take 2 tablets with water twice or thrice a day or as advised by Physician.



Each Tablet contains 300 mg Kalonji seed extract


My Review-

I have been using Nature Sure kalonji Black Seed Tablets for 1 week . I see a change in my Immunity System. it also Helps me with my Digestive Problems. This is a Natural Product and I Recommend all to try it at-least once. Taking the tablets regularly keeps one strong and healthy.





  1. 100% Natural Product
  2. Boosts Immunity
  3. Regulates Blood Pressure
  4. Helps in managing Diabetes
  5. Strengthens Joints and Bones
  6. Stimulates Brain Health
  7. Boosts digestive Health
  8. Useful in Sleep Disorders






A bit Slow in Results


Do I Recommend Buying it?

Yes I do.


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