Natural Intimate Wash by Everteen

I have been facing alot of Itching and Irritation on my Thighs and along the Vaginal area. I have to be honest here I had tried a ton of Itching creams etc , but none to have seem to work. Its when my Friend suggested me of Intimate Wash. You can get any of those from the market. Its applied in and around the Vagina which leaves the area free of itching or any unpleasant odour. This is a product for Feminine Hygiene. I tried the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash . This product can be used for any age groups. Since then, I have seen good results and I am quite satisfied with it…







The Everteen Intimate Wash comes in a Transparent bottle with a Pink Flip Flop.


Price –

180 for 105 ml


Color and Texture-

Golden in color . It looks like oil with running texture.






How to Use the Product-

  1. Wet the vaginal area
  2. Pour sufficient quantity of Everteen Intimate Wash on your palm
  3. Apply externally on the vaginal area and work up a good lather
  4. Rinse thoroughly
  5. You can use it every day or maybe twice a day





Everteen Natural Intimate Wash  is scientifically designed to promote complete vaginal hygiene and balance naturally. The Everteen Natural Intimate wash is made with natural ingredients which is 100% safe for your intimate areas. The things  which is most important in any Intimate wash is, it should be Soap, SLS, and SLES Free. which make it a good product.  The natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of Everteen Intimate Wash helps in preventing vaginal odour, itching and irritation. I feel quite fresh after using it. It has proved to be working really effective on my intimate area. It has a light fragrance as well.  It works extra mild for all skin types.   I would say this is a Must – Have product for all women out there.  And perhaps that’s why I am promoting it…by sharing a Blog Post.




PRO s of Everteen Intimate Wash-

  1. It works best for fungal infections.
  2. It works well on sensitive skin as well
  3. The Shelf life of 2 years
  4. It protects Natural PH Balance
  5. Its Travel-friendly
  6. Good on Price
  7. Prevents Unpleasant Odour


CON s of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

It has light Fragrance which I guess was not required for the sensitive part.


Would I repurchase the Product ?

Yes I would . Especially during Summers.




So, Girls that was my Little Review of the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash . I felt the need of it to share on my Blog . This product is a Must Have for all the Women out there . I know its a little out of the Box product. But its an Honest, self-experienced View. I hope you realize its importance ….


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Keep Smiling ….









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