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I know how painstaking it is being a Girl. I mean the Regular Parlour Visits for a Ton of Services. But the most common and frequently used service by women all over the world is Hair Removal. Men with hair are still manageable. But For Women, its a strict no-no. I would say 99% of women go for regular Waxing or Creams for looking good. No doubt when you come back from Parlour, after getting waxing done. You feel fresh, confident and Happy. Your skin is also shinier and looks 2/3 shades lighter and fair. But aren’t you sick of regular waxing painful process? So, Here is a Magic product for you. Its called Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor.





NEUD natural hair inhibitor is an advanced formula for Permanent Hair Growth Reduction of unwanted body hair.
It restricts the activity of enzymes at hair follicle level so that hair growth is retarded.
It’s a painless method for getting rid of unwanted body hair and it can be used by both men and women.




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Neud natural hair inhibitor comes in a small transparent bottle with a pump. The product is white in color . It looks just like  a Cream or a Moisturiser. Its pale yellowish white in color. It has mild fragrance.






NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor is not a depilatory cream and it does not remove hair. First you have to remove unwanted hair by any method by waxing or applying the cream. Then the second step is to Apply sufficient quantity of Neud hair inhibitor on the skin. It has to be used just like any cream or moisturizer. You have to massage it in circular motion till its fully absorbed. Apply Neud twice daily for 7 days .






I have been using Neud natural hair inhibitor. And I am quite satisfied with the product. It has to be used regularly to be seen results. I have to yet see results for now. It does makes my skin look and feel fresh. It also has a light fragrance.  I have used it post waxing.  It does lessen Hair Growth which is a plus in my case.




  1. Creamy in texture
  2. Light Fragrance
  3. Prevents Hair Growth
  4. Painless method for getting rid of unwanted body hair
  5. Its a 100 % Natural product
  6. Makes the skin Smooth


Its a bit on the pricey side








Do I Recommend Buying Neud Hair Inhibitor?

Yes I do.

So, Girls do give it a try …


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Till Next Time,

Stay Confident and Happy ….


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