Miniso Rose Moisture Toner REVIEW

Miniso Rose Toner REVIEW

Miniso Rose Moisture Toner help in removing the makeup off and keeping the dirt and impurities at bay. Toners are still essential in the daily application at home. Which helps in uplifting the face from dull and boring to fresh and new. There are a ton of toners available in the market. But this one caught my special attention.  Miniso, as you guys know, is a Japanese Brand which just hit the market in India. Youtube is flooded with it. Now what I love especially about this  Miniso Rose Moisture Toner it has moisturizer in it. Which works two ways. It keeps the skin soft, supple and moisturized. I’ve used this product for a month so Here’s my review-





Miniso Rose Moisture Toner REVIEW

It contains water, hexanediol, glycerin, rose extract and a lot of such rich ingredients

Water helps to keep the skin moisturized

Hexanediol makes the skin revitalized

Rose extract makes the fragrance alive and fresh

Glycerin moisturizes the skin



Its a Big bottle with a black cap. It’s pink in color. It feels like water and gives a cooling sensation.


How to Use –

One can apply it daily maybe once a day in morning and night to remove makeup ie before going to bed.



I just love it. The Miniso Rose Moisture Toner is moisturizing. It Keeps skin soft and supple

It’s good for daily use.

Would work in both winters and summers.

Removes dirt.

Suitable for all skin types.





The product is a bit high on price. Rest all good.



My Recommendation

Of course, I would recommend everyone to use the Miniso Rose Moisture Toner. It keeps the skin soft and is really good for daily use. …



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