Loreal Total Repair Serum Review

Loreal Total Repair Serum

Well, I’ve used quite a few serums on my hair by Loreal Total Repair Serum. Let me tell you what a serum is and what it does to your hair. A serum is a soft, gel-like texture thing. Which is applied after washing your Hair. Its recommended to apply it on half wet hair. It keeps the hair soft, shiny and keeps it going for a very long time.

Serum’s are a must use for dull and damaged hair Especially after coloring or rebounding.  So I’ve used quite a few of serum’s . The one which is a good mention is the Livon serum. But the one which is new on my list is the Loreal Total Repair Serum.

The Livon Total Repair Serum looks transparent in color. It looks quite glossy and the texture is gel-like. I am using the Loreal Total Repair smoothening and repairing serum. The loreal serum claims to work through anti-frizz and anti-volume action. The best thing about it is it makes my hair 10 times more softer and smoother. It keeps my hair manageable. It works best on color-treated or damaged hair.



The packaging is white and red. Which is quite good to look at. It has a red flip-flop cap. Which may be difficult for travels as it may spill. The serum makes my hair long and shiny throughout the day. I just fell in love with the fragrance. I use it after head wash of course and also when stepping out. As my hair texture is wavy. The Loreal Total Repair Serum definitely repair s my hair and makes them smooth. Must Buy!



PROS of Loreal Total Repair smoothening and repairing Serum-

  1. It’s smooth
  2. Manages rough frizzy hair
  3. works in winters and summers both
  4. Amazing fragrance
  5. Protects from heat
  6. Works best in color-treated or damaged hair
  7. Good on price


CONS of Loreal Total Repair Smoothening and Repairing Serum-

  1. The flip-flop cap may spill it while traveling



My Recommendations

Buy the Loreal Total Repair Serum if you need to maintain your smooth hair and make the less of hair spa parlor visits.




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