Home Remedies To Cure Premature Grey Hair

Well, greying of  Hair is a natural process and it should happen naturally. But when Hair gets Grey at early 20s one may look older that one is naturally. This is known as Premature Grey Hair. So when it happens one should know the root cause of it and try and work on it. Here are some causes of Premature Grey Hair…

1.. Heredity

2. Wrong diet

3. Too much of products on Hair

4. Stress

5. Smoking




The above factors reduce the pigment Melanin which is responsible for making the Hair Black. So, Here I give all you Girls worrying and stressing over Premature Grey Hair. Here are 5 Home Remedies to cure Premature Grey Hair-



  1. Amla and Methi Seeds

Amla is rich in vitamins and minerals required for making your Hair Black. Just Add 5-6 pieces of Amla to 3 tbsp of oil of your choice and boil it for a few minutes. Then add 1 tbsp of fenugreek powder. You just have to cool it, then strain it. Then you have to apply the above mixture on your Hair overnight.  Just wash it off in the morning with any mild shampoo.



2. Castor Oil for Hair Colour

What you have to do is make a Hair Pack out of Castor Oil, Henna and Lemon juice. For this, you have to mix 2 tsp Henna powder, 2 tsp Castor Oil and 2 tsp lemon juice and make a Hair Pack out of it. Use this twice a week to keep your Hair, Black. Apply the Pack on your scalp and Hair and keep it for 1 hour. Then rinse.




3. Black tea rinse

Boil a cup of water with 2 tbsp of Black tea and a tsp of salt. Cool it and Apply on freshly washed Hair. Let it dry. You have to use it regularly to keep your Hair, Black .

Black tea is rich in caffeine which is rich in anti-oxidants. It makes the Hair Black and adds shine to it.





4. Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

Mix 2 parts of Coconut Oil and 1 part of Lemon Juice. Then massage the mixture thoroughly on your scalp and Hair.

Lemon not only adds volume to the Hair, but it even cures dandruff and helps in Hair Growth.




5. Onion Juice

Mix 2-3 tbsp of Onion juice, 1tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of Olive Oil. Massage on the scalp and Hair. Then leave it for 30 minutes and rinse.

Onion is an effective solution for Hair Greying. When onion is combined with lemon juice it makes the Hair long and shiny.




So, Girls, these were my 5 tips Home Remedies to Cure Premature Grey Hair. Hope You liked them. For more such updates, Stay Tuned to my Blog! And Follow me on all my Social Networks mentioned above. Till then, Wishing all a very Happy and Blessed 2019! Happy New Year…

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