Herbal Hair Pack by Luxura Sciences Review

Well, I have tried a ton of products on my hair. It includes rebounding, hair coloring, hair highlighting and so on. Thus, my hair is basically damaged. So, I thought of going herbal. I tried a ton of Hair packs at home. Better know as I tried a few Home Remedies for my hair. And I must say they worked wonders! I used egg, henna, banana, potato, curd and so on. They were in the purest and most natural form. But must say it was an uphill task to make hair packs. It was pretty tiring. But when I heard of hair packs which are like ready-made stuff. It hardly took 2 mins to just boil it. Because all the ingredients were already mixed. I heard of Luxura Herbal  Hair Pack. I thought of giving it a shot! So, here ‘s my Review


Luxura Hair Pack

  1.  100% Ayurvedic and all ingredients are natural.
  2. The Herbal Pack helps to moisturize and condition hair, relieve dandruff, controls hair fall and promote hair growth.
  3. Helps in fighting scalp related problems and conditions like dandruff, dryness etc.
  4. Hair root becomes stronger and hair texture improves with regular usage.




I think the Luxura Herbal Hair Pack is the most natural thing I have ever come across. The one thing is it has to be used regularly. It does help me in dandruff and scalp related problems. Buying the pack saves a lot of time and effort. It has neem in it which is known for its medicinal and effective properties. It’s a bit on the pricey side. But it also has offers running many times. It also softens my hair.


Methi, Neem, Pan, Sugandi Valo, Bhringraj, Nagarmotha, Bhrami, Amla, Aritha, Shikakai, Coffee, Indigo, Heena powder.





How to Use-

Mix sufficient hair pack in water and boil it. Such that the ingredients are absorbed totally. Once it’s cool apply on the scalp thoroughly and entire hair too. Allow for 60 -180 minutes and wash it with warm water.





Price– 670


Available on Amazon (at discounts)




  1. Makes hair softer and adds shine to hair
  2. Kills dandruff to some extent
  3. Saves time and energy to prepare
  4. Moisturise Hair



A bit on the pricey side.

Rest all good.


Do I recommend to Buy this ?

Yes I do.

My Rating-4/5




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