Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review

Are you one of those People who hold their pee in public places , just to avoid using the Toilet ? Its so because toilets specially public toilets are in a horrible condition. Its so because you can catch infections and rashes in your lower area. Well worry not…We have come up with a safe and natural solution for you ….


Everteen has come up with its Toilet Seat Sanitizer . Its a long white bottle with a spray kind of thing . It immediately kills harmful germs and bacteria in the toilet area. Its really good product for female hygiene. You can use it in the toilet seats such as malls, cafe s , airport lounges, railway station, bus stand, college or even Pg s ..any washroom which is used by many people . This will work.


Price– 185


Availability – Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon or even Everteen website  ..below




How to Use

Shake everteen toilet seat  sanitizer spray can. Hold it upright and spray affected area at elbow length distance . Wait for 5 seconds to allow sanitizer to evaporate before using the toilet. No need to wipe it .





Benzalkonium Chloride IP 0.20% w/w, Ethanol (95% v/v) IP 47.60% w/w, Solvents, Excipients & Propellant q.s. 100% w/w.



  1. Instant Disinfect Spray
  2. Kills germs in 5 seconds
  3. Dermatologically  tested
  4. Prevents UTI and other infections
  5. Travel-friendly
  6. Pleasant fragrance
  7.  You can use it in the toilet seat , seat cover, flush levels, faucets
  8. A Complete feminine hygiene expert
  9. Affordable








I have been using Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer for about a Week and its really cool . It helps in improving one’s hygiene problems and infections. Now I can use Hospitals, Malls, Hotels ,or even Public toilets easily . It also gives a pleasant fragrance which makes it a Good Product . Its important for all females to buy this product. It makes the toilet  total clean and kills germs in just 5 seconds.







Do I Recommend using it ?

Yes i do



So Girls,  that s it for my little Review. You must be Complaining why am I Advertising such a product . But Believe me its really essential for Female Hygiene so I felt the Need to Review it ….


Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year…

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