Essential Oil Review- The Body Avenue Facial Serum

I have been using quite a few Essential Oils lately. As I am a Blogger, I do get such stuff from Brands quite often. But the one which caught my attention lately is The Body Avenue Vitamin C  Facial Serum. Firstly let me tell you guys and girls out there about Essential oils. Well essential oils are generally used on the face. You just need a few drops of it . They have said to work like Magic ! They also relax the mind and body and cures anxiety and lets one get good night’s sleep. Essential oil s have said to make your skin look brighter, tighter and smoother. I hope you got a bit of an idea about them .



The Body Avenue Vitamin C Facial Serum. Its a special product which can be used on the face. The best thing about this facial serum is that -it works best on old skin . As its said to cure wrinkles, remove dead cells and brighten s the skin. It has has a bit of sunscreen on it. So it does protect one from sun damage. I love the light fragrance of it. It comes in a glass bottle with a black cap. It also comes with a dropper whenever you wish to open and use it. I like the cute packaging. It has a thin consistency. I have got it for my mom. She has been using it for quite some time. And it has given a bright look to her skin. Also I have to mention it has many other benefits. Like essential oils are anti-inflammatory It relaxes aches and other body pain. It works both for oily and dry skin.





  1. It smells amazing
  2. It is moisturizing
  3. It has sunscreen as well
  4. It has  anti-aging properties
  5. Removes dead cells
  6. Tones skin
  7. Multi-purpose
  8. Works in anxiety



It’s addictive. Once over, you will buy another one.

A bit high on price


Price 1299

But you can find it in discounts on Flipkart.


In all I can say I am in love with the product. The Body Avenue Vitamin C Facial Serum does work wonders for my skin. I especially love the fragrance. It does help in curing wrinkles. It’s also moisturizing. It exfoliates and brighten’s skin. Also when used at night, It gives a good night s sleep.




Do I recommend to Buy the product?





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