Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash Review

DOVE Face Wash

I must say I turned a fan of Dove after using Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash. I really admire Dove soaps since very long, but after this the Dove Face Wash I’ve started loving Dove. Face Wash plays an integral part in one’s Beauty Regime. It is the one thing you use when you get up in the morning the very first Beauty Product. It moisturizes and keeps the dirt impurities at bay.




Dove beauty moisture face wash is available in 3 varieties. First is the Dove Deep pure face wash. Which removes the dust and keeps the skin soft. Second is the go fresh face wash. It removes the excess oil and dust and keeps the skin hydrated. The third one, which I am going to review is the . Which moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft everyday.



Dove beauty moisture face wash comes in a white pack with blue lines embedded beauty moisture. The packaging is pretty and it’s very good for traveling. Its spill-proof and lightweight as well. The Dove face wash is white in color and it smells like a cream and like all dove products especially the dove soap. It smells amazing! The consistency is thick and creamy. The best thing about it is it keeps the skin hydrated. So, you don’t need to apply moisturizer for a very long time. It keeps the skin rejuvenated and gives you a sort of boost to start the day. It is suited for normal skin. but not that good for oily skin. It works best in winters. It keeps the skin soft and supple.






of Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

  1. Travel friendly packaging
  2. Thick texture
  3. Creamy and Moisturising
  4. Mild face wash
  5. Smells amazing
  6. Value for Money





of Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

  1. Not suitable for summers you can use other versions of the Dove face wash
  2. Not suitable for oily skin



I do recommend the Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash to everyone. Its very good for normal and dry skin. it works best in winters. For me, it’s the best thing to start my day. I use it every morning and my sleep is gone. I feel very fresh and rejuvenated. Its creamy so I don’t need a moisturizer. I really appreciate Dove for its price. In all Dove beauty, moisture keeps skin soft and beautiful. Go and try it!

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