Deyga Rejuvenating Massage Oil -Review

With the coming of Rainy and Winter  Season . Skin tends to get Dry. One needs to Massage their skin with oil . One needs to take proper care of our Skin. With the rising temperature and going out alot causes the skin to loose its goodness and turns skin dry and patchy . A regular Massage regime and skincare is required . So,  Deyga Rejuvenating Massage comes to the rescue. This is a Pure, Natural and Handcrafted product . So, its a 100% Safe product .

Deyga Rejuvenating Massage Oil comes in a bottle with a white lid on top . It looks golden in color. It has a running texture . Its a Pure and Natural product.


Price– 550


Availability- Amazon and Deyga website





What the Product Claims

The Deyga Rejuvenating Massage Oil is good for all types of Skin. Specially on Dry skin. It lifts up the Drab skin and gives it a Glow. It works best for everyday Massage on the whole body . It relaxes the Skin . Its also 100% Pure , Natural and Handcrafted product . It makes the skin look young .


How to Use

Take required amount of oil and give a gentle Massage from head to toe and leave it for 15 minutes for the oil to penetrate into skin. Follow up with a mild cleanser to wash off.



Almond oil, Avacoda oil, Sunflower seed oil , Olive oil, Grape seed oil , Pomegranate seed oil , Lavender Essential oil , Neroli essential oil .


What the Package says –


Store in cool and dry place

Keep away from direct sunlight







My Review

I have been using Deyga Rejuvenating Massage Oil for about 1 week and I see a change in my skin. It works best for regular usage on whole body as a Massage . It gives a Glow to my Skin and makes it look Younger. I specially like the light scent of the oil. This s also Therapeutic product . It relaxes the whole body from a full tired day and gives it rest .




  1. 100% Natural product
  2. Pure
  3. Handcrafted
  4. Cruelty free
  5. No added colors
  6. Recycle
  7. Made in India
  8. Relaxing
  9. Good for Massage
  10. Cooling on skin
  11. Works on all kinds of skin



None as such


Do I Recommend Buying the product?

Yes I do .





So Guys and Girls that s it for my little Review. How have you Guys been ? Hope you all are Safe and Sound at your Place . and Do Go Out Wearing Masks …Enjoy the Rains….tc

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