Book Review -Like It Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh

“That one period of your life you always wanted to go back to? When asked this, I closed my eyes and I thought ..of the days when life’s most complex choices had the simple solution of Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo! When rains meant making paper boats, when waiting at the railway crossing meant counting the bogies passing by. When I opened my eyes, it seemed like it happened yesterday” …In the words of the author.



Like it happened yesterday takes us to the good old times when we were kids and life was pretty easy and comfortable. When our moms were the world to us. They were our savior. Its when rains meant paper boats. When school and studies were an uphill task for all of us.


When we saw a girl and smiled and imagined a world with her. The past made us laugh, cry, joyous, hateful, excited, overjoyed and to all the memories gone by. This book takes us on a joyride of our past when we were kids and life was pretty simple. I am guessing its the author’s autobiographical episode of his own past …I love how beautifully our schools and teenage are described.



The first chapter begins with a kid crying admitted to nursery class. His first day in school. Its when he cries and asks teachers to take him back to his home. The next chapter is called Happiness in small things. When small things made us happy. The following chapters show author’s fear of needle, all for a toothy grin, when he is taken to a dentist, the question of birth and so on. The question of birth is really funny because it shows the kid’s anxiousness when he can’t figure out the mystery of how he is born …? The chapter that I personally like is called The First Crush. Its when he has an amazing pull, attraction on his teacher. He feels a lot but can’t say it. He can’t even name the feeling. He just calls it wrong. He is also shy of his teacher and he s also bullied by his classmates.




The novel Like It Happened Yesterday is written is an easy, readable manner. It’s like a coffee read. A book which you can complete in a book shop while sipping coffee. I took very long to read because I am a tortoise




Reader! hahaha. The language can easily be understood. This is one of many books written by Ravinder Singh. Other are mostly love stories.  This book made me walk down the memory lane of my school kid days. And so will it, to you too.  The kid is from a Punjabi family in a small town or Burla. I have read almost all the books by the author.



I would say Like It Happened Yesterday will make you smile, laugh, cry, overjoyed ..all at the same time. You can find it on Amazon…

I would rate it a 3.5/5 Stars..

I found it an interesting read.

Till we meet again…

Guys and Girls..

Stay Blessed…



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