Best Nude Lipsticks for Every Indian Skin Tone

Well, lipsticks are a must have in everyone’s vanity bag. The colors like pink, red, orange go with the fairer skin tone. Whereas darker girls use browns. But here is the one which is for both of them. I especially love the pink color lipstick, and always keep one in my bag! Nude lipsticks are ‘The New Thing’ this season and are meant to stay for a very long time. Be it lipsticks, lip balms, lip gloss, matt lipsticks or lip pencils. I’ve used them all. But Matt and Nude are my recent obsession! Nude lipsticks are a go-to option especially when you have put heavy eye makeup or a smokey-eye. But finding the right kind of Nude shade is a daunting task of all! As there are a ton of nude lipsticks in the market and finding the right one can be very confusing.



Not to worry girls ..I’ve made the job easier! Here are Top 5 Best Nude Lipsticks which go for Every Indian skin tone ….


  1. Mac -Hug Me

Mac Hug, Me is really glossy and it stays for a very long time. It goes both with darker and lighter skin tones. It keeps the skin soft and moisturizing. The MAC  lipstick feels creamy on lips. I love to look at it, as it looks a bit pinkish.




2. Mac Lipstick in Myth

Mac is considered to be the Queen of lipsticks and it does lives up to its expectations! This particular lipstick is no different. This one is the most common color. It is made generally for the fairer skin tone.









3. Maybelline lipstick in Mysterious Mocha

This particular lipstick keeps the lips soft and luscious. Its made differently so it goes well in heat and humidity. The best part is it keeps lips hydrated for very long . And yeah, of course, it’s quite affordable.

Price- 260


4. NYX Round lipstick- Hermes

This lipstick is so creamy as it seems velvet in touch. This lipstick is not recommended for fairer skin tones. It’s more suitable for girls on the darker side.

Price- 400



5. Nykaa so Matt Lipstick in Taupe Thrill


This Nykaa lipstick is a great option for everyone as it goes well with all skin tones. Nykaa is a new brand which has just got popular in India.  This one has a glow and gives full coverage. Its smooth on the lips.

Price- 439






Nude lipsticks go well on a daily wear basis. And are also suitable for parties. You just have to use them wisely. You can wear them with top and pants for office wear also for short dresses or skirts in parties. Just do bold eye makeup and wear nude lipstick and you are good to go!


So, Girls, I hope I was a bit helpful in prepping you up!

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