Are you making the most of life

are you making the most of life

Are you making the most of Life ? is written by the famous associate editor and columnist of The Times of India Group Author called Vinita Dawra Nangia. The Author has great command over love, relationships, life and living, and so on. The Author dares to cover such feature topics.



Let me tell you a brief about how this book was first written. The Author Vinita Dawra Nangia used to write for Times of India Sunday edition which is called Times Life. She used to write for this column titled, O-Zone. It spread like fire. It became so famous that it turned into a Book called It’s your Life. The present Are You making the most of Life? is the third book written by the author. All 3 are written beautifully and I am a huge fan of the Author!


The Language of the Book is crisp and its written in a like conversational tone. As if the Author is talking to the reader. There are many difficult words written. No need to say you do need a dictionary while reading if you are new to the language.  I have read many books but this one conquers all. It’s under the category of Fiction. It takes bold topics like life and relationships. It comes under a feature writing .


That chapters which I totally went bonkers over are – Stop comparing and feeling bad, the negatives of positive thinking and can relationships be mended. Here are bits and pieces which I especially liked in authors words …”Comparisons it is said , are odious. and yet this is the criterion we use to judge every aspect of our lives. we keep in mind a frame of reference for almost everything-happiness, success, peace, pleasure, pain, accolades and yes, even loving. You may be successful, but another’s greater success makes you uncomfortable. The mind has an inbuild comparative calculator. ”

my life sucks
my life sucks


Further   “It is important to maintain the stability of your own identity, even as you attempt to benefit from the fluidity of a comparison. as Einstein says ” Everybody is a genius. But if you Judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid

I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5. I just loved the conversational language and I got to learn a lot from the book. I loved the world-view I got from the book.

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