5 AM by Robin Sharma -Book Review

Robin Sharma is a Globally Listed Humanitarian. He is widely considered World’s Top Leadership and Personal Optimization advisers. He introduced 5 AM concept twenty years ago. Which is based on Revolutionary morning routine , that helped his clients maximize productivity. Thus achieving Best of Health, Meditation and being Successful in Life. This book tells early rising Habit IE  rising at 5 AM which has helped so many Leaders and BIG People achieve results while gaining Happiness and being Alive . I am a Big Fan of Robin Sharma since very long .



“Do not allow your fire to go out , spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite , not yet , and not at all . Do not let the Hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never be able to reach. The World you desire can be Won. It exists . Its Real. Its Possible . It is Yours.”-

Ayn Rand.

The Book 5 AM is written in a Conversational manner between the Speaker The Billionaire and The Artist . The events take place in Agra in India , Rome and so on. Getting up early has its own Advantages. The Author has explained it is a simplified manner . Its called the 20/20/20 Formula.

The Book sums up in the Formula. 5 to 5 20 – Move

Intense Exercise  . Sweat Hard . Learn, Hydrate , Breathe Deeply

5 20- 5 40-Reflect’

Journal. Meditate. Plan. Pray

5 40 -6 00 –Grow

Review Goals . Read Books . Consume. Audio-books. Study Online.




Th Book is about how Great Geniuses , Business Titans and World s wisest people start their mornings  to produce Astonishing results . No Doubt I am a Fan of Robin Sharma.

So just go through your nearest bookstore and get a copy of 5 AM .


That ‘s it for now Guys . Stay Tuned for more…


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