Beauty Tips Winter Face Packs

Beauty Tips Winter Face Packs

Here are a few Beauty Tips …Winter is almost there, so its time to go out and walk in the sun. But the one thing that doesn’t enjoy the weather that much is the skin, especially your face. Winters tend to make the skin dry and itchy. We hope that you girls out there are not using the same skincare products.

Before you read further, its time to ditch those old creams and moisturizers and fill your wardrobe with winter skin care products. What we all girls need is a bit of nourishing of the skin. And yes, don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated.

We are not recommending the regular parlor visits. But here are a few winter tips and tricks. Homecare that you girls can try at home. With winters face packs come to the rescue. So here are Top 5 face packs that you can try at home…



  1. Milk Cream and Honey


The yummy combination of the old malai works wonders for the skin and keeps it moisturized.


Mix one spoon of each milk cream and honey

Apply it all over your face and neck

Rinse it after 15 minutes with warm water. followed by a splash of cold water.


  1. Rosewater and Strawberry


Apply the mixture of 2 spoons of strawberry s (mashed ) with 1 spoon of rosewater.

Apply it all over your face

Rinse it after 20 minutes, and get that fair glowing skin.


This particular face pack gives your skin a beautiful glow. You can also replace it with Multani mitti with rose water. It gives that extra oomph of fairness.

  1. Almond oil and milk


Apply a blend of spoon of 1 spoon of almond oil and 2 spoons of raw milk

Apply it all over your face and neck

Wash it off with warm water again followed by cold water



  1. Cocoa butter and olive oil


Nourish your skin with the blend of 1 spoon of cocoa butter and 1 spoon of olive oil, mixed with just a pinch of ginger paste

Apply it all over your face and neck

Leave it for 15 minutes

Wash it off completely till you get soft skin




  1. Banana and milk powder/rose water


Mix a spoon of mashed banana with milk powder

You can use rose water if you have oily skin

Add a few drops of honey

Leave it for 20 minutes then wash it off



You girls can use these Beauty tips winter face packs once or twice a week. And show off your beautiful skin. Till we meet next time .. follow me on my social media links …




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